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Haunted Kansas City

VIsit Haunted Kansas City to see many haunted sites in the area. Most are open to the public.

Quest Investigation Group Blog

See articles about cryptid sightings, UFOs, Mothman, and much more worldwide and file your own sighting here. 

Haunted Missouri

Visit Haunted Missouri Sites to see information about haunted sites across the state of Missouri. 

About Us



Quest Paranormal Investigations is a professional team of investigators. Our director is Margie Kay, who has over 30 years experience and has done over 1,200 investigations to date. Our other team members include a police officer, a psychic, a crime scene investigator, and two equipment operators, all with many years of experience. 

LAW ENFORCEMENT: Margie Kayis a professional Remote Viewer and willl assist with mssing person and homicide cases at no charge. 


Types of Investigations

We investigate paranormal events, UFOs, abductions, crop circles, Sasquatch, animal mutilations, and anything unexplained.  We feel that these subjects cannot be compartmentalized as often witnesses experience more than one type of phenomena, so we are well-versed in all paranormal subjects. 


What To Expect

We'll come to your location with our equipment and usually stay for several hours. If needed, we will return to get more evidence. We will do our best to figure out what is happening and why.  We do not charge for our visit.


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